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It’s time to go on a hunt! And prey is none other than handsome guys from little country in the heart of europe – Czech republic. These people know only two things – drink beer and have fun in bed. Join us on our journey through this amazing country, full of free spirited people with carefree ways. What we do is simple – we show these chech guys our money and offer them do unspeakable thing with us. Wheter they agree or not is their choice. How many do you think will say no? And how many will do as we please? Let’s check it out yourself!

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Shopping for sweet tight cherry

Since I usually don’t leave my place without a cam, I had a chance to tape a wonderful guy for you. This insanely cute man looked totally lost when I went to buy some food into local supermarket, I just had to take a shot at him. It was a lot of fun talking with him a since he was pretty broke and open minded, it wasn’t long, before I got to enjoy his amazing body more, than he ever expected.

Nesting with a cute boy

I was on my way to a club nearby, when I met this gorgeous young guy on the tram. Since it was almost empty, I decided to give it a try and started talking to him. His smile got to me almost instantly. He was employed and kept refusing all my offers, so I had to offer him a lot more, than I’m used to, but it was totally worth it. We ended up in my favorite hotel room which I like to call my winter love nest, if you catch my drift :)

Cute boy with headphones eager to please

I was trying my luck in Decin (a city at which I was born) for a whole day, but still couldn’t get anywhere. Than, out of the blue, a cute guy comes along and starts talking to me. It didn’t take much convincing making him show me his amazing cock. It took no more than three thousand crowns. And since he was eager to show me more, we ended up in a ht on his parents garden. I think you can guess what happened afterwards, right?

Handsome college student who wants to earn money

It’s so easy to find student who will do pretty much anything for the money in Czech. Even straight guys are willing to try having their tight cherry fucked by a horny stud, when you wave with enough cash in front of their cute faces.

Young guy with Arab looks

This guy may look like an Arabian dude, but he’s actually Czech. When I offered him cash to suck my cock, he refused at first, but waving couple thousands in from of his face made him less and less reluctant. Eventually he ended up with his face covered with my cum and asshole on fire!

Cute and innocent blond guy

This guy looks like a child! I almost decided not to try anything, because I didn’t want any problem with Czech authorities. Thank god I changed my mind! Having this twinks tight asshole to wrap around my cock was a very pleasant experience.

This friendly man has wonderful butt

And when I say wonderful, I mean it. This guy is sweet and his ass has not a single hair on it. Check him in action and watch him squeal like a little girl, when I stuff his hole! Unloading my cum on his cute face was a very nice bonus at the end.

Handsome guy from the university

Good sex in a cellar with shy guy